Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Let's Battle for the Misunderstood

21st May 2014

Warning rant coming! 

We'd like to present Roger Helmer from the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

"Roger Says: Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try and 'turn' a consenting homosexual".

Firstly anyone that has gender reassignment surgery has to undergo one year seeing a mental health professional to assess that they actually have gender dysphoria as opposed to them just dressing for a sexual kick etc. 

Gender Dysphoria is a severe and life debilitating condition in which you feel like you are trapped in the wrong body, a man trapped in a woman's body or vice versa, the decision to have surgery is by no means one that is taken lightly and is extremely complicated especially if it goes wrong. 

But why should someone have to live their life not able to accept who they are because they were born with a condition where their only option to become the person that they've always felt they should be is to have surgery. There's many horror stories about trans people hating themselves so much or getting so much abuse that they have tried to perform the operation on them self or to remove said body parts because they can't cope anymore. 

It makes me sick that people with a genuine health condition are given so much abuse and hatred purely because it's not something we're taught about, we're taught a little about sexuality in PSHE but why are we not taught about accepting everyone for who they are, about equality and diversity, about the fact that it's not okay to bully someone because you don't understand. 

A Psychiatrists job is not to try and change a person but to give them the tools to change their own life, to manage, people don't always go to therapy to be fixed but to be taught to cope and manage and given tools to lead a "normal" life. This world quite frankly sickens me, the fact that the above statement suggests that homoseuxal people don't want to be attracted to people of the same sex, well let's think about the reasons behind that before we try to change them eh? 

Society doesn't accept anything that to them seems unnatural, for example same sex marriage, the lgbt community, mental health, physical health, race, addiction. The majority of the things I've just mentioned are not a choice, you don't choose to be of a certain race, to be LGBT or to have a health condition, in many cases you don't choose to be an addict but it happens, yet society verbally and physically batters people. 

In life there will be things that you don't understand, or just doesn't quite make sense but at the end of the day it's not your life, you don't like people making judgements about you so why do you do it to others? 

When people stop putting people in boxes and causing an outcry when they can't shut the lid there won't be so much pressure put on people to be, act or think a certain way, everyone is entitled to their opinion but the way that they express it should be thought about and they should have the evidence to back up their view. 

If homosexual people want to change then it gives me a strong idea that it's because of how society portrays and treats them. I guess the main point of my message is that nobody should have to change who they are to please someone else and I find it disgusting that a politician and the people working a long side him have not even thought about the consequences of this shallow and small minded remark. 

Politicians are supposed to try and make things better not worse, I'm utterly disgusted!